Friday, October 23, 2009

Off to Cullen County...

Finally!! I get to visit Forks and do the Twilight Tour!! I am SO excited!
My fellow twi-hards, Elizabeth, Carmen and Dolly will be joining me :) It's a little less than 4 hours away, including Ferry, and it'll all be worth it :) We even have reservations at Bella Italia!! Mushroom Ravioli here we come!!
To mark the occasion, i've made these simple souvenirs for my travel buddies. WalMart is selling these Twilight inspired Sweethearts - (literally) How Yummy!
Thanks for stopping by :) Have a great weekend!


  1. have fun...was great chatting with you.....i know you will be taking plenty of pictures

  2. You do know I've very jelly of you right? LOL! Have fun! Take lots of pictures!!!! And I definitely want one of those favors!!! Come on, we've been friends foevah! wink*wink!

  3. Hi there ~ I found you through Liann's blog. OMG, I can't believe you went to Forks! How was the tour? I am such a huge Twilight geek, it's not funny. You can ask Claudie or Liann - they'll tell you. Glad I found your blog ... can't wait to see more! Aloha, Linda

  4. Aloha Linda! Yes!! We went to Forks! I figured since i live in WA, and being a twilight fan myself... IT JUST HAD TO BE DONE! We had a great time, but seriously, you could just drive behind the tour bus and see all the spots! But you wouldn't get the inside scoop :) If you decide to do the tour, check out
    We even ate at Bella Italia - mushroom ravioli is TO DIE FOR!! YUM-O!!! We stayed in Port Angeles. We even went to La Push - BEAUTIFUL!!
    You'll have a great time, and believe me, you'll be doing FOrks a favor by adding to their tourism :) If you and Claud decide to do the tour, maybe Liann and i could join you!

    Thanks for stopping by! xoxo