Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ohayo Gozaimasu! It's another gorgeous day here in the Evergreen state!

Fall is definitely in the air! My favorite season!!

Been busy preparing the kids treats for their classmates for Halloween. This year i have to make 60! Wish i had all the time in the world, but lately, Nina and JJ have been sick... and oh so demanding :( Motherhood...

So anyway, i just wanted to thank my rockstar gf Claudette for the cutie blogwear!! AND the birthday gift she sent me :) It was on my wishlist! Yipee! There were cookies and Japanese kitkat, but that's long gone now! DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!! Oishi ne!


  1. love your goodies...i bet it was oishi....hope your day is good...

  2. Wow, you got such a great friend! Lucky you (^o*) haha! Glad you liked it and glad you didn't have it yet!