Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Gifts

Finally, some SUN!!
And just in time for the Easter Holiday :)
I made these little Hand Sanitizer Holders for the kids teachers. So fun to make, and SO easy!
I got the idea from Dawn Griffith whom i absolutely adore! She's got the BEST ideas and tutorials!!
Have a beautiful Easter Weekend everyone!!


  1. I absolutely love these hand sanitizer holders also. Hmmm, I think I'll make some for my Easter handouts too! Great idea Chick!

    BTW, we're really considering trading our car...the top of the line Prius is $31K...if they pay off our trade in, we'll trade. It's small but heck, the gas price is killing us!

  2. Very cute! I really want to make these too but need to buy the oval punch first! Can you believe I don't have an oval punch?!!! What's an SU! demonstrator without an oval punch?!!!

  3. Claud - glad u got the Prius! I'm very tempted! Now to get Jon tempted as well....wehehehe!

    Kat - lol! oh yes, you must get the oval punch :) it has so many uses!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!