Friday, March 26, 2010

My First OCS

This month was the first time i accidentally joined an OCS given by Teri. I say accidentally because i didn't know that when i left a comment, it automatically put me on the OCS list. But, it was the best thing ever and i met a sweet lady - DORI TSUKAMOTO =) This was her 3rd swap. I sent her the Billy Card from PCS and she sent me the easel card pictured above - VERY CUTE! This OCS thing is pretty fun as you get the opportunity to meet such creative people!
Thank you Teri for including me, it was a great experience!


  1. Hey, I thought I commented on this! Love the card from Dori and love your card...super cute!

  2. Love both cards! Sorry M, I didn't know it was an accident that you signed up, I really thought you did!! Glad you did though, great cards!!